(English) 100 examples of successful cancer cures with 5BL knowledge

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100 examples of successful cancer cures with 5BL knowledge

Preview, Prototype 2 (Date: 09.08.2020)

Hint: The following video is just a first rough prototype/draft. It was created from the german version and not every word/label is translated yet. Also the translation was not checked by a native speaker and I am the speaker myself, so sorry for any wrong pronounciations. Of course the final version will be spoken by a native speaker! It is just for you to get a first impression in which direction the result will go!

Here the references (indicated, also in prototype state):

5BL introduction: Video series Disease is Different

  1. Colon Cancer: Interview with Roberto Barnai from Hungary
  2. Colon Cancer: The book Hands off my life of Laura Bott
  3. Colon Cancer: Various other cases, anonymized findings, short reports, photographs if available, …
  4. Testicle cancer: Interview with Christoph Buck in the 5BL dokumentation (at about 32min)
  5. Bone cancer: Interview with József Váczy from Hungary
  6. Bone cancer / Breast cancer / Skin cancer: The book Chemotherapy? No thanks! from Inka Sattler, Her interview at the self-healing conference (access after free registration)
  7. Pancreatic cancer: The book Pancreatic cancer – and how I survived it from Johannes F. Mandt, His interview at the self-healing conference (access after free registration)
  8. Pancreatic cancer: The book My healing from cancer through the ‘golden’ book of Gisela Hompesch
  9. Cervical Cancer: TV show Vera on ORF2 with the interview with Gloria
  10. Brest cancer: Interview with Andrea Lang at the self-healing conference (access after free registration)
  11. Breast cancer: Interview with Brigitte Henseler at the self-healing conference (access after free registration)
  12. Breast cancer Interview with Yaraa Kaiser from Israel
  13. Lung cancer (Bronchial Carcinoma): Interview with Thomas Boll at the self-healing conference (access after free registration)
  14. More cancer reports without diagnoses: More interviews (Marianne, Carlo, Claudia, Helmut and Leonie) at the self-healing conference (access after free registration)
  • Not in video yet: Patsy L Holden M.A: Healing A Breast Tumor At Home, Without Oncology, Interview 1, Interview 2
  • Would you like to take part with your case report?

    If you have also been diagnosed with cancer in the past and have gone other ways with 5BL knowledge (e.g. completely without classical medicine, or just surgery – but no chemo, or started chemo, then stopped, …), it would be absolutely great if we could use your case in the video.

    As mentioned in the video, I am currently planning to make a list of patients with each type of cancer, where their cases are summarized in 1-2 sentences.

    As an example: The case of Roberto Barnai at the beginning could be summarized with:

    „Roberto got 2004 at the age of … years the diagnosis of malignant colon cancer. The cause was a perceived mess/fraud by a subcontractor. Through targeted, fundamental changes in his life, the conflict could be resolved so that the tumor regressed by itself within 8 months“.

    In order for the listed cases to have evidential value, it is necessary to link an anonymized report as a PDF file under the corresponding reference, where the diagnosis is mentioned. So it would be great if you could scan/photograph/copy the findings in addition to the short summary and send it to me. I can make it anonymous (i.e. remove name, address, etc.) and link it on this page under references.

    => This minimal effort (short summary, findings) would add another case to the video and raise the significance of the 5BL to an essential piece!

    Optionally there are of course the following possibilities to improve it even further:

    • Since the summary in the video is very compact, it would be great if you could write a more detailed report on your case, which we can also link to.
    • Further „evidence“ is of course always welcome, such as CT- or X-rays, further doctor’s letters (e.g. saying that you refuse chemotherapy etc.), photos etc. – in order to dispel any doubts about the authenticity of the cases.
    • If you don’t want to remain completely anonymous, a photo of you would also be great so that everyone „sees“ that the case is real.
    • You could also record the summary as a voice recording or even a video recording and make it available to me so that I can include it in the video this way.
    • ((((If you want we could even record an interview and show a short excerpt of it in the video, like in the examples in the video above. We could link the rest of the video. This would of course be a considerable effort for both of us, but it would be worth it if it could provide new people with important information)))
    • .

    I would be very happy to hear from you. Please send me an e-mail so that we can clarify everything else. Many thanks and best regards, Ingmar

    5 Biological Laws of Nature

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