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International collaborative 5BL Testimonial Archive (Start: June 2021)

Here you can find a growing collection of testimonials based on the knowledge of the 5 Biological Laws of German New Medicine, provided by 5BL practitioners from all around the world. The aim is to provide an english translation for every testimonial in native language.
You can find the contact information of most of the practitioner in the therapists list. My own reports, which were listed on a separate page until June 2021, are now also integrated into the archive.

Please contact me if you want to join and help providing more successful stories or help with the english translation of reports in other languages. Translations into any other languages are also very welcome! You will get an account on this page and after login you can find a button below to insert your report.
As is it an international collaboration project, the archive can be included in any other 5BL site, too. The USA began this international collaboration by including it on the Germanic Healing Knowledge Global (GHK Global) website, followed by Israel. Other countries and pages are currently checking the technical possibilities.

The reports reflect what has been experienced on the basis of the level of experience and knowledge of the respective author at the time the report was created and, of course, do not guarantee completeness and freedom from errors. So far the following practitioners have participated:

Ingmar Marquardt (36)

Monika Anzenberger (19)

Magdalena F (4)

Stephen Coleman (3)

Andi Locke Mears (3)

Jorge Malheiro (2)

Hardy Neumann (1)

Thorsten Rüffer (1)

Von Bekannten, Freunden, ... (1)

DateAuthorTitle and OverviewKeywords
A client suddenly developed pain in her right foot on a weekday at her workplace. She could hardly perform for a short time. The pain was on occurrence in the area of the structure of the heel bone and the ankle bone joint. The pain was both on stepping the foot and when the foot was flexed while walking. The pain went away in less than an hour.
heel bone hock joint
After wearing velvety-soft silk scarves, the client developed reddening of the skin with itching on the neck area, specifically on the back of the neck, not on the front. This skin reaction lasted for a day or two and then disappeared until she wore a silk scarf again. The phenomenon also occurred when she wore a pearl necklace on much rarer occasions.
"In November 2002 I began to have upper abdominal discomfort. It was a pulling, stabbing pain. At first I mistook the pain for an upset stomach and tried to do my work as usual. But within a few days the problems increased..." This report was first published by Johannes F. Mandt on the website of the Kopernikus e.V. association.
A young boy is frustrated because he is not growing taller. His mother, very new to Germanische Heilkunde, has a moment of clarity to help him resolve his conflict. She isn't aware of the SBS; she just uses Germanic New Medicine and her knowledge of his history to help him move on and grow.
11 year old wasn't growing
Gunter speaks in this testimonial video about his successful resolutions of various suture intolerances (gluten, various meats, tomatoes, peanuts, raisins, and more) based on the 5 Biological Laws of Nature. Congratulations and thank you very much for this wonderful report!
Track, resolving allergies, resolving intolerances
A sore throat sets in just a few minutes after a soothing conversation, followed by hoarseness and coughing within the next few days.
This is an 8 year old right handed girl. She was born with clubfeet. Her foster mother is my friend. The daughter always complained about pain in her feet, which had been present since infancy...
The symptoms did not appear immediately after the hamster's death, but when the boy and his mother walked past the hamster's grave site weeks after the death. He stopped there, started crying terribly and said he missed him so much...
25-year vicious cycle of pain that was treated with increasingly powerful painkillers but was considered incurable by conventional medicine. Simply by identifying the causal situation and sharing/discussing these experiences, the cycle could be broken and complete healing achieved.
Increasing reddening of the skin and scaling on the forearm after my budgie bit me there by surprise. Resolution by recognizing the causal connection.

Die Mutter hat vor 3 Jahren immer wieder vollgepinkelte Stoffwindeln gewaschen und sich bei dem Berühren einerseits geekelt, andererseits wollte sie diese Situation mit den Kindern nicht. Es entwickelte sich extrem trockene, risse und schmerzhafte Haut auf der Außenseite der Hände. Kürzlich gab es eine erneute ähnliche Situation, nach der innerhalb von Stunden danach das Symptom erneut erschienen und dadurch ursächlich sehr gut verifiziert ist.

Trennungskonflikt, Ungewollter Kontakt
Die Frau meines besten Freundes hat die Diagnose "Gebärmutterhalskrebs und Bauchfell-Krebs" erhalten und wurde schulmedizinisch behandelt. Nachdem ich helfen wollte und ihn auf die 5BN hingewiesen habe, hat er diese sich lediglich wenige Minuten angesehen, dafür aber viele Stunden mit Google-Suche nach Hetz-Artikeln zu dem Thema verbracht und mir eine entsprechend dramatische Rückmeldung zu dieser angeblichen "Todessekte" gegeben. Diese Rückmeldung war für mich der Biologische Konflikt ("intellektueller Selbstwerteinbruch", ich dachte ich habe eine Lösung/Hilfestellung gefunden, aber kann nicht helfen, fühlte mich unfair behandelt), da dies mein erster Versuch war, jemanden für dieses Thema zu interessieren - und habe mit so einer Reaktion absolut nicht gerechnet...
Intellektueller Selbstwerteinbruch
Nach dem Kauf von neuen Schuhen einer bestimmten Marke war kurz nach dem Anziehen ein Brennen auf beiden Fußsohlen spürbar. Das Brennen verging zwar wieder, auf beiden Fußsohlen kamen in den folgenden Tagen aber jeweils Warzen auf den Fußballen
Warze, Fußsohle
Die Klientin hatte bereits ein paar Tage lang einen der Eckzähne in wiederholtem Reparaturprozess. Als sie eines morgens aufwachte, entdeckte sie eine zusätzliche Schwellung auf dieser Gesichtshälfte im Wangen- und Bereich oberer Kiefer. Im Mundbereich fühlte sie einen dickeren geschwollenen Strang oberhalb des beeinträchtigten Zahnes.
A good friend and I had opinions and positions during the Corona period that could not have been more different. However, since we had not seen each other for more than a year during that time, we arranged to meet a few months later (winter 2021). At that time, his wife was pregnant. ...
"Indigestable anger" conflict, ileum, lower small intestine
Just before our vacation trip this year, we found two half-dead garden sleeper babies on our doorstep (see photos). We took them in and cared for them. Our son experienced two self-esteem collapses when one animal died unexpectedly in his left hand during a car ride - and additionally when the second animal later jumped and escaped from the same hand.

This was the most intense and obvious conflict activity that we could observe in our son so far on the basis of the compulsive thinking. We were glad to be able to proceed in such a targeted way to lead the SBS so quickly - and therefore so unproblematically - through the conflict-resolved phase.

Dermatitis, skin rash
A woman with a breast cancer in the left breast
Breast Cancer
The present case - documented with video excerpts - is about a 7-year-old boy with two phases of different tics or twitching. At the age of 5, he had a tic for about a month, during which he would always bend his knees a bit and tighten his arms. At 7, he had another tic for two months where he always extended both arms at the same time.
Tics, twitching, motor constellation
Sima talks about her successful resolutions of her birch pollen and cat hair allergies based on the 5 Biological Laws of Nature in this testimonial video. Congratulations and thank you very much for this nice report!
Track, resolving allergies
One day, blood and a thin, light-yellowish-beige secretion came out of a client's ear. The blood had a certain smell (and the cause was therefore already identifiable!). There was no pain.
"attack against the ear" conflict
In this testimonial video, Bianca explains how she successfully resolved her grass pollen allergy during the course with knowledge of 5BL! Congratulations and thank you very much for this beautiful report 🙂
grass pollen allergy, hay fever
Student was sent a picture of father she had never met or seen.
Stye, Attack of the Eye Conflict
Student witnessed public outburst within a group of friends she was with. It was unexpected and completely shocked the student.
Conjunctivitis, Visual Morsal Conflict
This is an experience report from our family from the summer of 2022. In the boy's school, every child in the first grade was supposed to prepare and give a presentation. For him, this was a huge challenge in the new class and he worried about it slightly for weeks or even months and kept putting it off.
Prediction, territorial-fear conflict, cough
These are the testimonials (in short) about the next six successfully resolved allergies of the participants of our practice course "Resolving Allergies". The reports are available as text and video.
Track, resolving allergies
On a day in May 2022 early in the evening, a client noticed that her mouth seemed particularly dry in the front area by the tongue, below the tongue area and to the side of it. This dryness lasted for a few hours and did not go away during this time even by drinking fluids. Only dryness was noticeable, no redness or other symptoms in the mouth area.
These are the testimonials (in brief) about the next six successfully resolved allergies of the participants of our practice course "Resolving Allergies". The reports are available as text and video (the video is in german, but has english subtitles).
Track, resolving allergies
These are the testimonials (in brief) about the next six successfully resolved allergies of the participants of our practice course "Resolving Allergies". The reports are available as text and video (the video is in german, but has english subtitles).
Track, resolving allergies
Case report of a boy with eating disorder: During the analysis, the therapist was able to determine the cause as dysphagia and spasm of the smooth muscles during the ingestion of solid parts of food. The first occurrence was after a meal where parts of food were stuck in the throat. With specific food changes for shorter periods of time, the boy was able to overcome the fear of another occurrence, so that he was able to eat normally again.- A case report from the internat. Congress of the A.L.B.A 2011.
A woman with medicated epilepsy attacks since the age of 12, in the absence of medication, she had an attack after 30 minutes.
Fall eines italienischen Franziskanermönches, der in der weiträumigen Umgebung von Assisi ein altes, verfallenes Kloster wieder errichtete und eine Bronchitis mit allergischer Alveolitis erlebte, nachdem ihm dieses Projekt als Lebenstraum zunächst durch seinem Orden bedroht und später doch zugestimmt wurde.
After reading two detailed books, a double volume, I tried to analyze a symptom that had been recurring and disappearing regularly for decades. Parallel to this symptom, which was described separately, a respiratory impairment from the diaphragm program occurred again and again. The epileptoid crisis in the regeneration phase of this program was well endured - with the knowledge of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature: With this understanding, the necessary calmness and composure could be maintained.
diaphragmatic spasm
At the age of 7, the boy's mother died, activating one or more right-brain territorial area conflicts. Harmonious sounding music was now played to the relatives for consolation, which was now linked as a track with this bad situation and the activated special programs. From then on, this kind of music triggered immediate depression through right-brain activation. By understanding the causal connections, this track could be decoupled and resolved in adulthood.
Music allergy, track, territorial areas, scale, depression
These are the testimonials (in brief) of the first seven successfully resolved allergies of the participants of our practice course "Resolving Allergies". The reports are available as text and video (the video is in german, but has english and spanish subtitles):
Track, resolving allergies
The case showed well how programs got going as follow-up activations: Jonny had a cough with blood sputum. He was to be examined for "lung carcinoma" by means of biopsy. In the biopsy, the needle is inserted through the back. Without anesthesia, because he was told that this "goes so fast, you don't need anesthesia".
Lung carcinoma, mesothelioma, pulmonary nodule, Consequential conflicts,
During sporting activities such as cycling and mountain hiking as well as climbing stairs over several floors; i.e. when lifting the legs was necessary: After a short time or a few minutes, shortness of breath with rapid, briefly held breaths and a "pulling" of the muscles in the left thigh.
For 20 years, there have been several situations in his life when he has reacted with epilepsy-like symptoms: First, when he has been frightened. Second, when he has felt strong emotions such as fear, sadness, fatigue or even euphoria. And, interestingly, also and especially strongly when the hamstring reflex test was performed during examinations. Once the causative event was found 20 years ago, the symptoms could be successfully resolved afterwards.
A woman woke up one morning with paralysis of the left side of her face: This facial nerve paresis ended exactly predicted three weeks after conflict resolution and onset of paralysis. A case description at the Internat. Congress of the A.L.B.A. 2011
A case of dermatitis in a little boy, where the rash appeared exactly where the child was last touched, when passed on, presented by therapist Marco Brazzo at the Internat. Congress of the A.L.B.A. 2011
One child suffered from celiac disease since early childhood), a food intolerance to gluten, a component in some grains and thus a component of flour products; case description at the Internat. Congress of the A.L.B.A, 2010
What causes hair loss in horses, explained by two case studies at the Internat. Congress of the A.L.B.A 2011
An 11-year-old boy shared a room with his big brother and reacted in this context with a territorial marking conflict with bed-wetting as a consequence. By understanding the cause, a real solution was quickly and easily found here by finally giving the boy his own room. From now on, the bed-wetting disappeared.
On the afternoon of the second Friday in January 2004, a sudden severe toothache began in a molar on the lower right side; the pain was permanent.
After a stay with acquaintances on a weekend, I discovered on Monday morning a small "herpes simplex labialis (lip herpes) " on the lower lip on the left. This lent itself to a case analysis according to the five biological laws of nature. This model had been known to me for several years at that time.
Hearing loss in the left ear from an early age. After decades solution with strong middle ear infection: At the end, the hearing ability came back to a reduced extent.
Massive symptoms in the context of the corona crisis with cause in the compulsory masking measures and orthodox medical "Covid-19" diagnosis.
The symptoms appeared in the context of the Corona crisis, with cause in the division of society. With precisely predicted duration of symptoms and epi-crisis.
- Severe corneal inflammation of the left eye - 10 days conflict active phase with noticeable tissue changes e.g. during blinking - Sudden inflammation overnight - Sick leave by treating ophthalmologist for 10 days - Omission of local antibiotics except for one dose after 7 days - Physician literally detects "excessive growth" and removes corneal fragments
A woman came to me with 30 years chronic back pain. She'd given up on medical doctors and didn't want to take pain medications any longer. Chiropractors would help her for a few days and the pain would return. After identifying the causual central self-devaluation conflict and the self-sustaining vicious cycle, we worked on the basic principle and feelings and resolved them - leading to a complete healing of her symptoms.
A woman 40 year old came to me with a medically diagnosed case of breast cancer. She had 2 adenocarcinomas and one intraductal tumor. These tumors ranged in size from 3 to 5 cm. The medical doctors wanted to perform a mastectomy's and then subject her to chemotherapy.  After the understanding of the cause and our therapy, she was declared cancer free by her oncologist 4 months later. No chemo, no drugs or scalpel. The oncologist didn't know what to say.
In these report are different symptoms combined, as they nearly all were the deleterious results of 20 years of being married to a covert narcissist. After a second, very happy marriage, I developed symptoms of "breast cancer" after the sudden death of my wife.
Преди 10 години 35-годишният мъж имал шеф, който тормозел служителите си, когато можел. Там тя реагирала със СБС на лигавицата на Евстахиевата тръба отляво, така че трябвало да "слуша, за да се отърве от опасността/хищника/...", което се случвало ежедневно на работа по това време. Години по-късно, когато този човек внезапно я изненадал по телефона и поискал да я назначи отново, тя ясно заявила, че НИКОГА повече няма да работи за него и не иска да го чува, което довело до разрешаването на този стар огромен конфликт. Следващите 3 седмици продължителността на тежките симптоми може да бъде точно предсказана.
Забавно, защото е пряко свързано с работата ми по темата "Болестта е различна": в средата на март 2018 г., докато седях на един стол, забелязах, че опашната ми кост, най-ниският, костелив край на гръбначния ми стълб, ме боли при натиск. С всеки изминал ден болката се усилваше и вече продължава 8 седмици.
Г-жа M изпяла една приспивна песен на 4-годишния си син през ноември 2018 г. - гласът ѝ функционирал перфектно. Последвала друга песен, която тя запяла нормално през първите няколко минути, а след това гласът ѝ изведнъж изчезнал.
Младата жена е получила сърдечен удар, свързан с менструалния цикъл в продължение на няколко месеца. Последната поява можеше да се предвиди точно във времето, тъй като ритъмът беше анализиран прецизно и основната тема за загубата на територия беше изведена - и не можеше да се очакват други повторения.
Г-н Р., на средна възраст, се събудил в сряда, 17.10.2018 г., с лека загуба на слуха в лявото си ухо: ясно можел да забележи, че вече не долавя всички по-ниски честоти. Имало също и дълбок, ясно забележим шум в ушите, тинитус. Симптомите продължили два дни и половина.
Years of chronic pain in both arms. The cause of the initial SBS was a bad breakup. Through a later new partnership the SBS went into solution. From then on a vicious circle of pain and local follow-up conflicts began. Only by realizing one's own responsibility could a successful strategy be implemented to break out of the vicious circle.
Една двойка се е събрала здраво чрез докосване с пръст. Когато скоро след това се наложило съответното лице да си тръгне, той свързва това със силен конфликт на раздяла в този момент. Малко след като се виждат отново след няколко дни, той изведнъж получава силна болка точно на този пръст - сякаш някой го е ударил с чук.
Засегнатата жена е имала алергия към кафе от около 15 години. Почти веднага след пиене на кафе или консумация на храна, съдържаща кафе, се появява много силна болка в стомаха с гадене, която продължава до няколко часа. Чрез проучване на причините алергията впоследствие беше успешно разрешена напълно и за постоянно.
От детството си засегнатото лице многократно е преживявало фази на силно, неприятно болезнено и сърбящо зачервяване на кожата и в този контекст е получавало различни диагнози, като екзема, невродермит, алергия към вълна/пчелен катран/хлор/слънце,.... Непосредствено след като ѝ е било предложено, е последвала особено силна крайна фаза на разрешаване на конфликта с тежки симптоми.
Една млада жена не можела да пие ябълков сок или да яде ябълки в продължение на много години, защото реагирала с диария като пряк резултат. Като се знае причината, алергията може да се отстрани с прост експеримент.
Конфликт на територията по време на почивка, когато чистачката влиза сутринта в стаята и спалнята на двойката без предупреждение. Оттогава насам ежедневно се появява реактивиране на СБС с изтръпване на лигавицата на пикочния мехур в стаята - и разрешаване със свръхчувствителност веднага щом напуснат стаята.
Прогнозиране на единичен епилептичен пристъп при двегодишно момче въз основа на наблюдение на поведението на конфликтната активна фаза на свързаната специална програма.
Разрешаване на алергията ми към прахови акари с алергична бронхиална астма, която ме съпътства повече или по-малко от бебешка възраст в продължение на почти 30 години.

Дългосрочна серия от мъгли с вещици и болки в гърба в резултат на дългогодишни болки в ръцете и свързаните с тях възприемани "неуспехи" в ключови области на живота. Прекратяване на порочен кръг от локални конфликти за проследяване и болки в гърба, правилно прогнозирано с години напред.
Успешно съзнателно преодоляване на алергия към черен пипер, която е съществувала повече от 40 години. Просто като знаете причината и осъзнаете, че опасността от онова време вече не съществува и свързването на следите вече не е необходимо.
Проблем с ожулване на палеца поради контакт с фекалии при преобличане на малко дете.

Клиентът реагира с бронхиалната лигавица в резултат на преживян инцидент с "уплаха" и след разрешаването на конфликта получи тежък "бронхит". Познавайки точната причина, може да се определи и предвиди с точност продължителността на симптомите.
Тежка инфекция на пикочния мехур след акустично нападение на границата в общежитието. Двуфазен много добре разбираем.

5 Biological Laws of Nature

German New Medicine, Germanic New Medicine, Dr. Hamer, 5BN, GNM, 5BL, 5 Natural Laws of Biology

On this page you will find an introductory video series on the New Medicine’s 5 Natural Laws of Biology (5BN), which are also known as German New Medicine (GNM).
The biological laws were discovered by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer.